The Nest is the Community Sports Foundation's community hub, based in Norwich. The 22-acre site has a floodlit pitch, along with grass football pitches, cafes, conference facilities and event spaces. We were awarded the works to move their current entrance and exit to the site to further up the road, forming a Bellmouth Entrance on behalf of Cocksedge Construction.

Works commenced in May 2020 with phase one of four, with the on site clearance and excavating for the highway soakaways. Once the soakaways were installed, the area was backfilled and general fill was placed in the carriageway.

LWD testing was carried out, and this inspection ensures that the soil and aggregate layers on the highway provide a stiff, stable foundation. Light Weight Deflectometer's (LWD's) are used to determine the stiffness of unbound materials during construction.

Phase two required us to put traffic management in place to one section of the carriageway, which allowed us to install drainage runs, gullies, kerbs, the central island and lighting columns. The northbound carriageway was planed, which followed by base, binder and surface course to the entrance and the carriageway.

Phase three saw us switch the traffic management to the other side of the carriageway and carry out planing and surface course to this part of the carriageway.

Phase four involved a complete night time road closure, the road closure over 2 nights allowed the remaining planing and asphalt works to take place.

These works were delivered successfully and will now allow visitors to enter and exit The Nest safely and with ease!