Client: Crabtree Living

Project Value: £1,200,000

Duration: 23 months

As main contractor we were awarded the contract to undertake;  all groundworks for 10 dwellings; a new village hall; installation of an adoptable road; and associated deep drainage on site. This included installing large highway attenuation tanks and associated drainage and a new adoptable foul sewer system.

We were then tasked with 200m of foul sewer to be installed in  the existing carriageway connecting into the existing Anglian Water network. This involved stringent planning and organization to keep both the main carriageway open and allow access to site for deliveries whilst installing sewer pipe in excess of 4m deep.

We then progressed onto the installation of all deep drainage   and road construction on site. We used traditional techniques combined with modern machinery, which included a European concept, the ‘Tilt Rotator’ fitted to our 14t Excavator. With this we
could minimize labour on site working with the machine, focusing on other tasks to speed up the construction process.


278 works were delivered in January 2019, and this involved many challenges, mainly the coordination of logistics into the still-operating site. The remaining 5 plots were approached differently with the use of a Cat D6 dozer being used to site strip the topsoil, and this again reduced our turnaround and saw the remaining 5 plots being handed over 3 weeks early.

The village hall was constructed on the site of the compound. There were tight time constraints but we managed to hand over a finished product in under 4 months.


We successfully met all deadlines and handed over a completed site in November 2019.